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Ski Resort Mittersill - Kitzbuehel

(Aurach, Hollersbach, Jochberg, Kirchberg in Tirol, Mittersill, Reith bei Kitzbühel, Kitzbüheler Horn)

Current Snow Report Mittersill - Kitzbuehel:
0 cm

Ski network Kitzbühel General Mittersill - Kitzbuehel
Season: Dezember - April
800 - 2000 m
Child care:

Artificial Snow: 60 %
Night Skiing: yes
Lifts / Cablecars Mittersill - Kitzbuehel
Cablecar: 11
Chairlift: 27
Drag Lift: 0
Beginner lift: 8
Magic carpet: 8
Capacity: 92000 persons per hour
Ski Resort Mittersill - Kitzbuehel

Webcams Ski Resort Mittersill - Kitzbuehel
Piste Map
Ski Resort Mittersill - Kitzbuehel

Piste Map Ski Resort Mittersill - Kitzbuehel


Slopes 170 km
difficult:schwarze Pisten Skigebiet Mittersill - Kitzbuehel 24 km - 14%
intermediate:rote Pisten Skigebiet Mittersill - Kitzbuehel 74 km - 44%
easy:blaue Pisten Skigebiet Mittersill - Kitzbuehel 72 km - 42%
Longest Run: 7 km
Valley run:
Timekeeping: yes
Speed measurement :
Skiline: yes
For Boarders: Funpark Halfpipe
Crosscountry: 45 km
Snow tubing:
Ice skating: yes
Sledge run: yes
Sledge run lighted: yes
Indoor swimming pool: yes

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